​One less day dragging your sorry ass out of bed​!

​Learn ​how to ​mak​​e easy choices​ that​ add up to a whole lotta ​wellness​​​ ​the fun way, with our classes and one-to-one coaching.

​Our ​Offerings

​​Find your ​vitality in our small group classes and one-to-one coaching​

​Meditation classes

​Aimed at the beginner our​ classes will introduce you to ​the benefits and practi​ce of meditation. ​​Small classes ​create a safe space to learn, and there's plenty of time to mingle before and after.

​Health coaching

​​If you have an autoimmune/inflammatory disease​ or cancer and you want to find natural ways to supplement your medical treatments, find out about our one-to-one health coaching.

​Cooking classes

Whether you're a die-hard carnivore, just want to ​zhuzh up your repetoire for friends and family or are ​thinking about becoming vegetarian/ vegan, there's a class for you.​  ​Centred around good nutrition and delicious food, ​your ​Meatless Mondays will have everyone begging for more

​Organic micro-farming

There's nothing healthier and more delicious than organic fruit and veg straight from the earth. Learn how to care for the land and grow organic fruit, veg and herbs, ​w​hether you have a field, an allotment plot or just want to grow some ​in your garden.

​The greatest wealth is health.”


​We're here to help you succeed

​Sure you can go it alone. You can trawl the internet, read books, watch videos, sign up for virtual summits.

​But, nothing beats working in a small group of like-minded people​ who are in it with you, and willing you to succeed.

Group of friends are cooking in the kitchen

​Small groups or one-to-one

Don't get lost in a crowd! ​Most of our classes have no more than eight people, ​a perfect size to get to know ​everyone and ​share your experiences with a ​bunch of like-minded people. 


So many people make health and wellbeing feel like a chore, full of "don'ts" and "musts". Our classes and one-to-one coaching take a positive approach to help you learn and execute.

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